96 f bottom

BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate F bottom [F202301]

Ready-to-use for Suspension & 3D cell culture

The BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate F bottom provides a highly defined, fully inert, and cell-repelling surface.

Product Characteristcs

Plate color: clear
Well bottom: Flat (F – bottom)
Well volume: 390 µl
Sterile : Yes


The BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate F bottom outperforms existing products by its anti-adhesive properties:

1. Stability in long term cultivation of 3D cell models: Highly viable and functional 3D cell models can be cultivated for several months in BIOFLOAT plates.
2. Scratch resistant: BIOFLOAT surfaces are highly resistant to physical and chemical stress. No risk of damaging the coating if scratching the surface with a pipette tip.
3. Repellent to protein and hydrophobic compounds: Proteins and sticky compounds are not interacting with BIOFLOAT surfaces, allowing a better control of the concentration of these molecules in your assay.
4. Cell repellent: Even the stickiest cells, like macrophages, cannot adhere to BIOFLOAT surfaces enabling their cultivation in suspension.
5. Optimized for organoids: Small and big organoids can be successfully generated and cultivated on BIOFLOAT surfaces.

Plate colorClear
Well bottomFlat bottom
Well bottom colorClear
Well volume390 μl
Recommended working volume100 μl
Dimensions85.20 mm (width) x 16.55 mm (height) x 127.80 mm (length)
MaterialPolystyrene (PS)
Temperature range– 20 °C to + 50 °C
Quantity1 per pack


´´faCellitate has a great customer support. During one delivery, the packaging was damaged, and the plates were replaced fast and without any problems.``
Marina Rasche
´´We have been working with Biofloat 96-well plates for several years and we appreciate the fast and reproducible spheroid formation. Now we are planning to shift to the 384-well plates for high throughput screening.``
Nadine Rocher
´´Biofloat 384-well plates are the first ones in which I was able to generate compact and reproducible primary dog hepatocyte-derived spheroids. They form already 24 hours after cell seeding and remain stable and viable for at least 21 days.``
Christlina Daniel
´´The small volume of faCellitate 384 well plates greatly enhance transduction efficiency of bran spheroids.``
Anne Aradan

Why choose BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate F bottom

  • Stability in long-term cultivation of 3D spheroids
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Repellent to protein and hydrophobic compounds
  • Cell repellent
  • Optimized for organoids

Similar products

BIOFLOAT™ 96 well plate
FeatureU – bottomF - bottom
Plate colorClearClear
Well bottomRound (U – bottom)Flat bottom
Well bottom colorClearClear
Well volume310 µl390 μl
Recommended working volume100 µl100 µl
Dimensions85.20 mm (width) x 16.55 mm (height) x 127.80 mm (length)85.20 mm (width) x 16.55 mm (height) x 127.80 mm (length)
MaterialPolystyrene (PS)Polystyrene (PS)
Temperature range– 20 °C to + 50 °C– 20 °C to + 50 °C
QuantityBag of 4 plates with resealable snap lock1 per pack

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Raw Material Processing

The product does not use any raw materials of animal or biological origin and therefore does not have TSE/BSE.

The polymer raw materials used for coating plates were positively evaluated for quality consistency using GPC, GC-MS, and NMR spectroscopy.

The sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, DNase-/RNase-/DNA-free multi-well plates were coated using pipetting robots. Coated plates were sterilized by electron beam irradiation according to DIN EN ISO 11137