At faCellitate, we actively pursue business development partnerships through out-licensing opportunities for our key technologies. With vast experience in surface modification based on our innovative polymeric platform technology, we have a diverse portfolio of polymeric coating solutions for application in disease modeling, drug screening, regenerative medicine and much more. Our robust intellectual property rights form the foundation for our innovative offerings. Connect with us to explore partnership opportunities and access cutting-edge technologies for scientific advancement.

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faCellitate has licensing opportunities for surface modifications to meet your needs :

Surface Ultra-Low Adhesion (ULA) Properties

  • Zero Absorption of Proteins
  • Zero Absorption of Lipids
  • Zero Absorptions of Cells

Ligand Technology to bind

  • Cellular receptors
  • Proteins – specific binding
  • Small molecules
  • Amino Acids and Peptides
  • Carbohydrates
  • Nucleic Acids

Challenge us – we have the solution

Opportunities arise

We out-license some of our products to help partners access novel solutions,
speed up time-to-market, and explore new business directions.

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