Personalize your cell culture.
Use faCellitate coatings to enhance the biocompatibility of your surfaces and cell culture consumables.

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With the innovative faCellitate polymer solutions, customized cell culture has never been easier.
Our unique polymer coatings create a fully synthetic, biologically relevant cell culture matrix for
3D cell culture, drug discovery, toxicology and stem cell research.

features of
faCellitate polymers

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The polymeric coating easily modifies your surface without any chemical reactions.
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The inert layer prevents non-specific interactions of proteins and cells with the surface to enable 3D cell culture.
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Choose any biomolecule to engineer your surface and make it cell-adhesive.

With faCellitate polymers you can easily add function to your surface of choice.

Our first BIOFLOAT™ product line is available – request a free sample now!