6 well plate

BIOFLOAT™ 6-well plate [F202302]

Ready-to-use for Suspension & 3D cell culture

The BIOFLOAT™ 6-well plate provides a highly defined, fully inert, and cell-repelling surface.

Product Characteristcs

Plate color: clear
Well bottom: Flat 
Well volume: 5.75 mL
Sterile: yes
Made in Germany


The BIOFLOAT™ 6-well plate outperforms existing products by its anti-adhesive properties:

1. Stability in long term cultivation of 3D cell models: Highly viable and functional 3D cell models can be cultivated for several months in BIOFLOAT plates.
2. Scratch resistant: BIOFLOAT surfaces are highly resistant to physical and chemical stress. No risk of damaging the coating if scratching the surface with a pipette tip.
3. Repellent to protein and hydrophobic compounds: Proteins and sticky compounds are not interacting with BIOFLOAT surfaces, allowing a better control of the concentration of these molecules in your assay.
4. Cell repellent: Even the stickiest cells, like macrophages, cannot adhere to BIOFLOAT surfaces enabling their cultivation in suspension.
5. Optimized for organoids: Small and big organoids can be successfully generated and cultivated on BIOFLOAT surfaces.

Plate colorClear
Well bottomFlat
Well bottom colorClear
Well volume5.75 ml
Recommended working volume4 ml
Dimensions85.20 mm (width) x 22.4 mm (height) x 127.80 mm (length)
MaterialPolystyrene (PS)
Temperature range– 20 °C to + 50 °C
Quantity1 per pack

Why choose BIOFLOAT™ 6-well plate

  • Stability in long-term cultivation of 3D spheroids
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Repellent to protein and hydrophobic compounds
  • Cell repellent
  • Optimized for organoids

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Raw Material Processing

The product does not use any raw materials of animal or biological origin and therefore does not have TSE/BSE.

The polymer raw materials used for coating plates were positively evaluated for quality consistency using GPC, GC-MS, and NMR spectroscopy.

The sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, DNase-/RNase-/DNA-free multi-well plates were coated using pipetting robots. Coated plates were sterilized by electron beam irradiation