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Go 3D with Biofloat : 3D cell culture


BIOFLOAT™ coatings from faCellitate provide a highly defined, fully inert cell- and protein-repellent surface.

The polymeric coating enables a fast er generation of 3D spheroids, which shortens your experimental timeline and prevents the formation of satellites and irregular aggregates.

Choose between the ready-to-use 96-well plate or DIY BIOFLOAT FLEX coating solution to modify a broad range of plastic and glass surfaces. One pipetting or rinsing step is sufficient to passivate your surface on the nanometer scale.

Create a homogenous and robust coating for your cell culture vessels, microfluidic devices or chips, which is stable under standard culture conditions.

The consistent quality of the BIOFLOAT surface makes it a premium product for 3D cell culture, ensuring reproducible data for all kinds of cell lines, including cells that fail to generate spheroids on existing products.

BIOFLOAT product line: pre-coated plates and coating solution for 3D cell culture


Bio Profile FLEX2 combines Nova’s groundbreaking Microsensor Card technology with optical measurement and freezing point osmium entry for an automated and comprehensive cell culture analyzer that eliminates chemistry sensor maintenance, increases analyzer speed, and reduces sample volume GIU LẠC GÌN, NH Na Kỳ Cổ ph PCO,, PO, total cell density, viable cell density, viability, cell diameter and osmolality.

Also available is the BioProfile FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler (OLS), a modular system that connects as many as 10 bioreactors to a FLEX2 analyzer for auto mated sampling and analysis of key cell culture analytes including pH, gases, metabolites, osmometry, cell density and cell viability. The OLS’ small sample volume and fast analysis time provide automated sampling and analysis of 10 bioreactors in less than 1.5 hours. Setup time for a full 10-bioreactor system requires less than 20 minutes. With proven data comparability to manual sampling methods, the FLEX OLS can be connected to OPC-compliant control systems for automated sampling analysis, and feedback con