faCellitate 2023: Cutting-edge Flat-Bottom microplates with Ultra-Low Adhesion Surface

faCellitate GmbH | Mannheim, Germany | 21st December, 2023

Press release:  faCellitate expands its product range with the launch of three new BIOFLOAT™ -coated flat-bottom microplates; a 96-well format, soon to be followed by 24- and 6-well plates. This innovative series is purposefully crafted as an addition to the BIOFLOAT 96-well and 384-well U-Bottom plates, catering to spheroid and organoid applications.

The BIOFLOAT coated flat-bottom microplate sets a new standard with superior anti-adhesive qualities, unlocking the potential for cultivating cells in 3D or in suspension (e.g., T cells) with the flat bottom allowing a better imaging of 3D cultures compared to U-bottom plates.

Coming soon, the latest BIOFLOAT 96-well flat-bottom format microplate will also be followed by 24- and 6-well formats. BIOFLOAT plates, adhering to the SLAS/ANSI standard, ensure compatibility with all major high throughput screening workflows, providing a versatile solution for diverse laboratory applications.

The BIOFLOAT coating is known for its exceptional scratch-resistance. This important property is conferred by the unique polymeric structure of the coating which forms an ultra-thin film. This allows for the unparalleled data consistency conferred by the BIOFLOAT coating in laboratory settings. Renowned for its anti-adhesive properties, experts are heralding the BIOFLOAT 96-well U-Bottom plate as a New Standard for rapid and uniform spheroid formation.

The 96-well microplate features flat-bottom coated with BIOFLOAT Ultra-Low Attachment (ULA) surface coating, facilitating the effortless formation of organoids or multiple spheroids in every well. This is achieved through a user-friendly ‘out-of-the-box’ approach. The crystal-clear well-bottom is optimized for seamless read-out via microscopes or scanners.

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About faCellitate

faCellitate is a venture that originated from BASF’s incubator, Chemovator, and it provides interactive consumables for advanced cell technologies and regenerative medicine in the 3D cell culture market. Its unique polymeric platform aims at supporting cancer and stem cell research, drug discovery, toxicology and tissue engineering. With faCellitate polymers you can create fully synthetic, biologically relevant environments, and easily add function to your surface. The platform facilitates cellular interaction, significantly improving the cell culture in biological research. 

The chemically defined, intelligent surface coatings bind to plastic and glass surfaces without any chemical reaction. The invisible, smart surface obtained can be used to create cellular niches, study molecular interactions, or for simply reducing the background noise. Choose any bio tags to make your surface smart and responsive and save time thanks to a ready-to-use handling.

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