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BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN coating solution


Self-coating solution for liquid handling and consumables

The BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN coating solution prevents protein attachment on surfaces and resulting clogging.


BIOFLOAT CLEAN™ is an easy-to-use and fast coating solution for your devices and related consumables or labware. BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN creates a protein-repellent layer on your device which is stable in aqueous media. The coating solution passivates a wide range of polymer (e.g. Nalgene®, PS flasks) or glass surfaces within minutes without alteration of the substrate geometry. BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN effectively prevents protein sediments interfering with your experiments such as high throughput screening, liquid cell culture, microfluid systems or fermentation processes.

Fast: BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN coating rapidly adsorbs to different surfaces.
Free: BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN coating leads to a protein-free surface.
Fail-safe: BIOFLOAT™ CLEAN is fail-safe applicable.

– 60mL per item –

Available for research use only



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