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faCellitate’s products are used in areas of biomedical research such as cancer and stem cell research, in the preclinical phase of drug research and toxicological studies with the aim of refining the efficiency and predictability of preclinical cell models. This Science room is the space to share knowledge about spheroids as well as cell culture methods and to help you in establishment of a reliable 3D in vitro model.



Learn more about some tips and tricks in cell culture and the most important terms and concepts in this field.



Further Information and various application notes for our products.

Brain cells

  • SFFV2 (immortalized astrocytes)
  • Neuronal stem cells (HN9

Pulmonary cells

  • H3122 (Human Lung adenocarcinoma)
  •  H2228 (Human Lung adenocarcinoma)
  • H1975 (Human Lung adenocarcinoma)

Pancreatic cells

  • DAN-G (Human pancreas carcinoma cell line)
  • Capan-1 (Human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell Line )
  • Mia-Paca (Human pancreatic cell line)
  • Panc1 (Human pancreatic cell line)
  • Panc89 (Human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line)
  • FAMPAC (Human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line)
spheroid culture

Dental cells

  • hDPSC (Primary human dental pulp stem cells

Endothelial cells

  • huARLT immortalized endothelial cells originating from HUVEC cells
  • huVEC immortalized HUVEC cells

Epithelial cells

  • D492 (Breast epithelial stem cell like lines)
  • D492HER (Tumorigenic breast epithelial stem cell of D492)
  • MCF10A (Breast cancer cell lines)
  • MDA-MB231 (Breast cancer cell lines)
  • MCF-7 (Breast cancer cell line)
  • HCC1433 (breast cancer cell line)
  • A431 (Epidermoid carcinoma cell lines)

Bone cells

  • huOB immortalized osteoblasts

Blood cells

  • RPMI (B-lymphocytes myeloma cell lines)

Hepatic cells

  • Primary hepatocytes

Stroma cells

  • Fibroblast precursor (Rainbow trout)

Hepatic cells

  • Primary hepatocytes