BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plates [F202003] 4 plates per pack

Ready-to-use for spheroid cell culture

The BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate provides a highly defined, fully inert, and cell-repelling surface.

Product Characteristcs

Plate color: clear
Well bottom: round (U – bottom)
Well bottom color: clear
Well volume: 310 µl
Recommended working volume: 100 µl
Dimensions: 85.20 mm (width) x 16.55 mm (height) x 127.80 mm (length)
Array: 8×12
Material: Polystyrene (PS)
Temperature range: – 20 °C to + 50 °C
Sterile: yes
Quantity: bag of 4 plates with resealable snap lock

4 plates per pack 


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Raw Material Processing

The product does not use any raw materials of animal or biological origin and therefore does not have TSE/BSE.
The polymer raw materials used for coating plates were positively evaluated for quality consistency using GPC, GC-MS and NMR spectroscopy.
The sterile, non-pyrogenic/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, DNase-/RNase-/DNA-free multi-well plates were coated using pipetting robots. Coated plates were sterilized by electron beam irradiation according to DIN EN ISO 11137.
The coating modifies the plastic surface to cell and protein repellent surface to facilitate rapid spheroid and organoid formation.

The BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate outperforms existing products by its anti-adhesive properties:
Rapid: spheroids are formed very fast (within few hours), which shortens the experimental timeline.
Round: the spheroids are highly uniform and allow for perfect data consistency. The formation of cell satellites and irregular aggregates is prevented.
Reliable: the reliable quality of the BIOFLOAT™ surface makes it a premium product for spheroid and organoid culture, including cells which fail to generate spheroids on other existing products (e.g. primary cells).