faCellitate's team

Dr. Véronique Schwartz

CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Véronique Schwartz holds a PhD in polymer science from the Max Planck Institute of Polymer Research in Mainz. Since then, she has initiated and conducted a multitude of interdisciplinary projects at the interface between biology and chemistry as a researcher and lab team leader within BASF’s Advanced Material & Systems Research. faCellitate’s technology platform was initiated under her guidance and successfully transferred into Chemovator, the business incubation program of BASF.

Dr. Simon Widmaier

COO & Co-founder

Dr. Simon Widmaier has a biophysics background and a PhD in molecular simulation from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In addition, he has founded multiple successful start-ups within the last 10 years, ranging from social business or industrial simulation software to miniaturized screening solutions for drug discovery and pharma research. Simon joined faCellitate in March 2020 as COO.

Dr. Annamarija Raic

Research & Development Manager

Research manager Dr. Annamarija Raic joined faCelliate in October 2020 and devotes her years of experience in the field of synthetic biomaterials and stem cell biology to the innovation of new products. During her time as PhD student and Post doc at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Leibniz University of Hannover she focused on the development of in vitro models for bone marrow diseases.

Dr. Alexander Schepsky

Marketing & Sales Manager

Dr. Alexander Schepsky holds a PhD in Molecular Life Sciences and has extensive experience as a cancer researcher. Besides his academic work, he founded and lead a distribution company for molecular biology research consumables in Iceland and was instrumental in the setup of several life science startup companies. Alexander joined faCellitate in October 2020 and is responsible for marketing and sales.