faCellitate is a venture team from Chemovator GmbH, the corporate business incubator of BASF SE. It was created in 2018 from an interdisciplinary research project by BASF, involving chemists and biologists with multiple years of experience in material design. faCellitate specializes in the development of polymeric surface coatings for cell culture consumables to create synthetic, biologically relevant tissue-like environments for cell-based assays with special focus on 3D cell culture. The products are used in areas of biomedical research such as cancer and stem cell research, in the preclinical phase of drug research and toxicological studies with the aim of refining the efficiency and predictability of preclinical cell models.

In May 2020, the team launched BIOFLOAT™, faCellitate’s first product line that offers an advanced cell-inert surface coating for spheroid cell culture with superior reliability and consistency. Further products leveraging faCellitate’s smart polymer platform are in development

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