Want to create perfect spheroids?

faCellitate BIOFLOAT™  96-Well Plate

USP : Big Pharma Drug Discovery


BIOFLOAT™ 96-well U-bottom Plates

Ready-to-use for spheroid cell culture : The BIOFLOAT™ 96-well plate provides a highly defined and
cell-repelling surface. It is fully inert and it outperforms existing products by its anti-adhesive properties

SLAS ANSI footfront – perfect for automated workflows

Fast formation of round spheroids

Chemically defined and animal-free surface

World-wide express delivery

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spheroids are formed very fast (within few hours), which shortens the experimental timeline.


The spheroids are highly uniform and allow for perfect data consistency. Cell satellites and irregular
aggregates are eliminated.


The reliable quality of the BIOFLOAT™ surface makes it a premium product for spheroid and
organoid culture